Religion Courses by Academic Year

2019-20 Courses

Fall 2019

RELG 107: Introduction to Jewish Traditions
RELG 140: Hindu Traditions
RELG 160: Hebrew Bible
RELG 211: Religion from Alexander to Constantine
RELG 222: Urban Religion

Winter 2020

RELG 110: Introduction to the New Testament
RELG 122: Religions of Latin America
RELG 150: Buddhism in South Asia
RELG 205: Religion and Masculinity in the U.S.
RELG 490 Senior Seminar in Religion

Spring 2020

RELG 123: Catholics in the Americas
RELG 170: Muhammad and the Qur’an
RELG 204: Feminist Studies in Religion
RELG 210: Sex and the Bible
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion