The Religion Department SIP Symposium

The Senior Integrated Project (SIP) is the capstone of Kalamazoo College’s program of liberal arts education, offering students the opportunity to make use of all of their experiences at the College. The SIP is an occasion for independent scholarship, often in conjunction with an internship or other creative activity which results in a written report, performance, or exhibit. Rather than selecting only a subset of students to work on an honors project or thesis, the College considers such independent work a significant part of the education of all Kalamazoo College students and requires it of all seniors.

RELG SIP Symposium 2020
Religion SIP Symposium
February 15, 2020

The 2022 Religion SIP Symposium

The 2022 Religion Department SIP Symposium was held on Sunday, February 12, via Zoom.

Congratulations to Emma Schneider, Victoria Marquez-Gomez, and Juan Navarro.