Faculty and Staff

Jeffrey Haus

Professor of Religion and History,
Director of Jewish Studies
and Chair of Religion, Winter & Spring 2024

Phone: 269.337.5789
Office: Dewing, room 303-H
Email: Jeffrey.Haus@kzoo.edu

Dr. Haus’ page

Religion Courses Taught

RELG 107: Introduction to Jewish Traditions
RELG 218: American Jewish Experiences
RELG 263: Jews in a Changing Europe: 1750-1880
RELG 264: Jewish Revolutions: 1881-1967
RELG 267: Women and Judaism
RELG 268: Jews on Film

Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada

Maldanodo-Estrada photo

Assistant Professor of Religion

Phone: 269.337.7426
Office: Humphrey House, room 107
Email: Alyssa.Maldonado-Estrada@kzoo.edu

Dr. Maldonado-Estrada’s page

Religion Courses Taught

RELG 122: Religions of Latin America
RELG 123: Catholics in the Americas
RELG 205: Religion and Masculinity in the U.S.
RELG 220: Bad Religion
RELG 222: Urban Religion
RELG 235: Devotional Stuff
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion
RELG 490: Senior Seminar in Religion

Taylor Petrey

Taylor Petrey

Professor of Religion

Phone: 269.337.7286
Office: Humphrey House, room 109
Email: Taylor.Petrey@kzoo.edu

Dr. Petrey’s page

Religion Courses Taught

RELG 110: Introduction to the New Testament
RELG 111: From Jesus to Christianity
RELG 160: Hebrew Bible
RELG 210: Sex and the Bible
RELG 213: Christianity and the Family
RELG 214: Race and the Bible
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion
RELG 490: Senior Seminar in Religion

Dr. Petrey is on sabbatical for the 2024 winter and spring quarters

Sohini Pillai

Sohini Pillai

Assistant Professor of Religion
and Director of Film and Media Studies

Phone: 269.337.7114
Office: Humphrey House, Room 105
Email: Sohini.Pillai@kzoo.edu

Dr. Pillai’s page

Religion Courses Taught

RELG 130: Religion in South Asia
RELG 140: Hindu Traditions
RELG 151: Islam in South Asia
RELG 231: Religion, Bollywood, and Beyond
RELG 232: Jedi, Sith, and Mandalorians: Religion and Star Wars
RELG 241: Princesses, Demonesses, and Warriors: The Women of the
South Asian Epics
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion

Tasleem Firdausee

Visiting Instructor in Religion
Spring 2024

Office: Humphrey House, Room 109
Email: Tasleem Firdausee

Deia Sportel

Deia Sportel

Academic Office Coordinator

Phone: 269.337.7043
Office: Humphrey House, room 110
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About Deia

Deia has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University, and is a Certified Green Dot Instructor.