Faculty and Staff

Jeffrey Haus

Professor of Religion and History
and Director of Jewish Studies

Phone: 269.337.5789
Office: Dewing, room 303-H
Email: Jeffrey.Haus@kzoo.edu

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Religion Courses Taught

RELG 107: Introduction to Jewish Traditions
RELG 218: American Jewish Experiences
RELG 263: Jews in a Changing Europe: 1750-1880
RELG 264: Jewish Revolutions: 1881-1967
RELG 267: Women and Judaism
RELG 268: Jews on Film

Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada

Maldanodo-Estrada photo

Assistant Professor of Religion

Phone: 269.337.7426
Office: Humphrey House, room 107
Email: Alyssa.Maldonado-Estrada@kzoo.edu

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Religion Courses Taught

RELG 122: Religions of Latin America
RELG 123: Catholics in the Americas
RELG 205: Religion and Masculinity in the U.S.
RELG 220: Bad Religion
RELG 222: Urban Religion
RELG 235: Devotional Stuff
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion
RELG 490: Senior Seminar in Religion

Taylor Petrey

Taylor Petrey

Professor of Religion
Department Chair

Phone: 269.337.7286
Office: Humphrey House, room 109
Email: Taylor.Petrey@kzoo.edu

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Religion Courses Taught

RELG 110: Introduction to the New Testament
RELG 111: From Jesus to Christianity
RELG 160: Hebrew Bible
RELG 210: Sex and the Bible
RELG 213: Christianity and the Family
RELG 214: Race and the Bible
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion
RELG 490: Senior Seminar in Religion

Sohini Pillai

Sohini Pillai

Assistant Professor of Religion
and Director of Film and Media Studies

Phone: 269.337.7114
Office: Humphrey House, Room 105
Email: Sohini.Pillai@kzoo.edu

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Religion Courses Taught

RELG 130: Religion in South Asia
RELG 140: Hindu Traditions
RELG 151: Islam in South Asia
RELG 231: Religion, Bollywood, and Beyond
RELG 232: Jedi, Sith, and Mandalorians: Religion and Star Wars
RELG 241: Princesses, Demonesses, and Warriors: The Women of the
South Asian Epics
RELG 390: Junior Seminar in Religion

Deia Sportel

Deia Sportel

Academic Office Coordinator

Phone: 269.337.7043
Office: Humphrey House, room 110
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About Deia

Deia has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Cornerstone University, and is a Certified Green Dot Instructor.